Extremely humble on the Holy Quran’s throne of the Holy Trinity and thanks to the endless mercy of Allah, the Susan who, in these special circumstances, granted the service of the great Phoenix Air Force to me and my committed colleagues. With the word “phoenix”, there is a world of beauty and honors that certainly can not highlight this great importance. An experience of about five years with a brilliant record as the main air pole with a rational growth of the complex air industry inspired by the experience of the holy defense era and designed to fly a variety of super light, light, heavy, heavy bird The national is one of the blessings of Allah.
The characteristics of the culture of the phoenix air industry in the pursuit of the spirituality of the Supreme Leader today have advanced the organization’s face beyond the frontiers, to the point where, along with the main cast of the industry, such as Augusta Westland and Rushin Helicopter, The strategic alliance with these technology companies has been a fortune.

egular sections like the Boardroom Guide cover all aspects of ownership for the busy CEO, or for the equally busy Flight Department Manager our sections on Safety, Avionics and Refurbishment are key. And, our monthly Comparative Analysis feature from Mike Chase which compares jet performance and costs from similar jet classes is a must-read feature for just about everyone.

Company Information

Firm Name: LLC Ghoghnoos

Legal Form: Limited Liability Company

Identification Number: 402149607

Registering Authority: LEPL National Agency of Public Registry

Director: MOSTAFA SHAMLOUEI, X51449401 /Islamic Republic of Iran

Owner: MOSTAFA SHAMLOUEI, X51449401 /Islamic Republic of Iran

Legal Address: Tbilisi , Georgia ,  Didube district , Uznadze str N 111 , Building N2 , Flat11

Email: mr.shamloui@yahoo.com

under construction

Airport expansion project started in Malaysia


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